Peyrano Torino
Turin, 03/05/22: This morning Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg visited the historic Cioccolateria Peyrano with John Elkann and Peyrano's CEO Alessandro Pradelli.

Mark and Priscilla, after having visited the Laboratory and tasted the Peyrano pralines, received as a gift their first “Interoperable Hot Chocolate kit”, a one-off kit to create Peyrano hot chocolate both in the physical world and in the metaverse. The concept behind the creation is the one used several times by Zuckerberg of the "interoperability" of goods, which in the future will bring the physical and digital world closer together.
Peyrano explored the frontier of the 'metaverse' by combining his artisan tradition and authenticity to celebrate the love story of Mark and Priscilla, which began right over two cups of hot chocolate. The kit contains cups and chocolate: for the physical world they have been hand painted with their family names and the chosen chocolate is the “Antonio” Peyrano 82% blend; for the digital world, two NFTs in the style of the famous CryptoPunk have been created on the Open Seadigital platform.

“The challenge will be figuring out how to bring these incredible scents into the metaverse. The technology is not yet developed, but we will get there ”- happily observed Zuckerberg.
Interoperable Hot Chocolate NFT: