Who came first, the egg or the surprise?

The egg is Peyrano, a legendary institution of the art of Chocolate for over a hundred years.
The surprise is Chez Dede, an iconic brand notoriously involved in collaborations driven by excellence.
A special Easter, sweet and refined, which blends two prestigious names:
Peyrano creates exquisite signature chocolates, passionately following each step of the production, from the cocoa bean selection to the hand-made wrapping.
The Laboratory, located in the center of Turin, on the back of the historic shop, perfectly mirrors the values that emanate from Chez Dede’s editions de charme: ethical beauty, elegant thinking, renewed tradition, smart spirit.


In its long history Peyrano has crossed Design and Fashion, prestigious Hotellerie and Applied Arts.
The contemporary history of Chez Dede follows the same path, with the same determination, and now their roads converge. A perfect combination giving birth to a collection of three Easter eggs: the "Ovetto", the "Medio" and the "Grande" all with bespoke surprises.