The origins and after the world war

Founded in 1915, Peyrano is a company active in the production of 100% artisan and Made in Italy chocolate.

The founder, Antonio Peyrano, passionate about chemistry and sweets, opens a small laboratory in Turin in Corso Moncalieri 47, helped by his sisters Lucia and Giovanna. The small company soon begins to produce, starting from cocoa beans, a very fine chocolate that quickly conquers the whole city of Turin.


Around the 1930s, Angiola Peyrano modernizes the machinery and the laboratory becomes a small industry capable of producing about two tons of chocolate per year.

The creativity of the Peyrano family is surprising and relentless: around that time, for example, they invent the Alpino, the first liqueur chocolate, as well as other new types of chocolates, still in production nowadays: the Noci, the Grappoli, the Mandorle, the Conchiglie, the Cuori, the Giandujotto , the Cremino, and many others.

The Alpino, in particular, had a sensational success, and in 1935 its recipe was protected with a "trademark patent".

Regular supplies to the Italian royal family begin in 1920 and in 1938 the chocolate factory obtained from Vittorio Emanuele III, the prestigious recognition of being "Supplier of the Royal House of Savoy".

Thus, the Peyrano chocolate began to be called the "king's chocolate".


The post Second World War period

Business slowed down during the Second World War, mainly due to the lack of raw materials. The factory is repeatedly touched by American bombs, but miraculously resists. Every day, the owners cycle the route from the countryside, where they were displaced, to the city, to keep the shop open and continue the production, with tenacity and a strong sense of duty.

After the war, in the 1950s, Italy went through a period of strong economic growth.

Peyrano seizes the opportunity, reorganizes itself by increasing sales, without ever falling short of the quality standards that have always characterized the company.

The cultural boom of the 80s and 90s.

The 1980s saw a further modernization of production facilities and greater attention to marketing.

A synergistic feeling is thus created between high fashion and Peyrano chocolate: the ateliers of the greatest Italian tailors always serve the Peyrano chocolate to their customers while they attend fashion shows.

Vogue Italy itself has regularly used the Peyrano chocolates to pay homage to its most important customers, just as the most luxurious hotels get into the habit of always leaving a Peyrano chocolate on the bedside table of their customers.

In the 90s, Peyrano is synonymous with luxury chocolate and its image is increasingly associated with high-class products such as champagne and luxury cars.

The fusion of chocolate and design was consolidated in the 90s, with the packaging designed entrusted to the creative pencil of important designers such as Sottsass, Mendini, Dalisi, Palterer, Sabbatini and many others.



Peyrano today...

Today the company works to renew its quality and tradition every day. The production laboratory remains in the historic site of Corso Moncalieri 47 in Turin, where the founder started the business more than 105 years ago.

The production of artisanal chocolate and the care in the preparation of refined boxes of chocolates, make Peyrano an institution of the Italian chocolate tradition.